Secure Transactions

TLS protocol
The COMPANY recognizes the importance of the security of Personal Data, as well as electronic transactions, and has taken all the necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure the maximum possible security. All information,
which are related to users’ personal information, are secured as confidential. uses the TLS protocol, with 128-bit encryption, for secure online commerce. In this way, all the User’s personal information is encrypted, including the credit card number,
of the User’s name and address, so that they cannot be deciphered or changed during their transfer over the Internet.

The TLS (Transport Sockets Layer) protocol,
is the successor of the widespread SSL and today it is the global standard on the Internet for ensuring the correct encrypted communication between websites and web users, for the secure transfer of encrypted data between web users and web servers .
An encrypted TLS/SSL communication requires that all information sent between a User and a server be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software in cooperation with a globally accepted certificate authority,
thereby protecting personal information in transit. In addition, all information sent with the TLS/SSL protocols is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks if the data has been changed in transit.
All of the above are included in the information security process maintained by the COMPANY which is PCI DSS certified, a standard aimed at organizations that manage sensitive information such as credit card details, A.T. details. etc
According to this standard in which the COMPANY is asked to certify annually, all sensitive information must be managed with a view to the security of transactions both in the processes and in the IT systems. More specifically, the process generally requires the following:
Control Objectives PCI DSS Standard Requirements
Secure Network – Firewall application to protect user data
– Configuring and implementing rolling access codes
User Protection – Protection of stored customer data
– Data transmission encryption of sensitive data as well as transactions when communicating over open public networks (internet)
Maintain Vulnerability Process – Strict use and Regular updating of antivirus systems on all vulnerable systems.
– Development and management of secure systems
Strong Access Control Measures – Limiting access to customer information to authorized personnel only
– Granting specific rights and identifiers to relevant executives
– Limiting access to the User’s sensitive billing information, on a physical level
Regular Network Scan – Control and detect all network level access
– Regular security checks of processes & systems
Data Security Policy Maintenance – Create & Maintain a single data security policy across both processes and systems

User Identification
There are two elements used to identify the User: the Login Code (Username) and the Personal Secret Security Code (Password). Each time the User registers his details, he is granted access to his personal account.
The specific process is achieved safely both due to the encryption of the data during their transfer to the internet, as well as the encryption of the data on the servers of the COMPANY. By the same standards,
the User is given the possibility to change the Personal Secret Security Code (Password) as often as desired. After entering the desired code, the code is coded and stored in the COMPANY’s systems for maximum security success. For that reason,
the only person who knows the User code is himself and is solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of these codes from third parties. The COMPANY is not able to know the User/User secret code, except to reset it. In the event of loss or leakage of said code,
the User should notify the COMPANY immediately, otherwise the latter is not responsible for the use of the secret code by an unauthorized person. The COMPANY’s online store in no way discloses or makes public the personal data and information of Users.
Personal data is used exclusively for the proper execution of transactions. All information is encrypted and stored with absolute security.


When the User visits the Site or when the User makes purchases, it is necessary to provide certain information (name, occupation,
e-mail address, home address, landline phone, mobile phone, etc.) related to Personal Data, which will be processed automatically and will be incorporated into automated files, which have previously been notified to the competent Authority and for which the COMPANY is the Data Controller according to
. 2472/1997. The User guarantees and is responsible for the truth, accuracy, validity, authenticity, relevance and affordability of the Personal Data he/she communicates to the COMPANY.
The COMPANY has developed legal protection measures in its facilities, systems and files and guarantees the confidentiality of Personal Data,
however, it may disclose to the competent Public Authorities Personal Data or any other information it possesses or is accessible through its systems, as long as this is dictated by any applicable provision of law.
In addition,
the COMPANY reserves its right to inform its suppliers with statistical sales reports, which, however, will in no case contain personal information that may lead to the identification of individuals.
Purpose: The purpose of the collection and automated processing of Personal Data is to record the contractual relationship with the COMPANY, to control, improve and adapt to preferences and choices regarding products and services and to send by electronic or traditional means administrative, technological,
organizational and / or commercial information about the COMPANY’s products and services.
User Consent: The User consents and accepts the imminent processing of his personal data for the needs of the smooth and smooth transaction between the parties and thus provides his express consent to the collection and processing of Personal Data, as described above.
The COMPANY may also transfer Personal Data to companies or individual businesses established in Greece or in other countries of the European Union in order for the latter to provide the COMPANY with any services in relation to the above purposes, including without limitation direct marketing or advertising services.
The User gives his express consent to the transmission or disclosure of the data included in the files to the above-mentioned recipients. In any case, the COMPANY guarantees the confidentiality and security of Personal Data during the transmission and transfer process that may take place.
Right of access/objection: At any time the User has the right to access the file, correct, delete and display objections at any time regarding the processing of data concerning him. Furthermore, the User’s consent can be revoked at any time. For this reason it can send e-
mail to the following address: